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My Projects

Here you will find some pictures and general information for some of my hobby projects.
If you need more details like documentation, circuits, firmware or general guidelines please feel free to contact me.

Update: The things listed in this page are very old and no longer updated. For my latest electronics adventures follow my post sections instead!

INL Image Artifacts

An ADC's INL/DNL evaluation script and standalone executable written in Matlab

Find and replace multiple strings in multiple files Shell script

A quick and dirty Ethernet Thermometer

Automatic Weather Station

Ethernet Relay Board

FPGA Audio Processing system

Old and not well documented links (pre-2008) :

Power Inverter 12V DC to 230V AC 3kW - still in construction, a volunteer for winding the step-up transformer is needed

Switch Mode Ballasts for Fluorescent lamps up to 58 W

Microcontroller controlled Robotic Arm ROBKO 01

Nixie Clock ver 2

Nixie Clock ver 3

Digital Thermometer on a Nokia LCD

Laboratory Power Supply 0-30V up to10А

Audio Power Amplifier for PCI PC computer slot

Tunnel Baking machine

FM radio transmitter 88~108 MHz Power 350 mW schematic designer - Harry Lythall SM0VPO

10 W linear HF amplifier 27 MHz

7 W PLL FM 88-108 Mhz radio transmitter

Digital Voltmeter

Modem for digital modulations (FSK, TTY CW) through RS-232


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