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First family of products

or LS2G

Hello again, internet! It has been awhile, maybe time to scrape the rust of this archaic publishing system and write a short update to celebrate the megatons of work put in one specific project. I am still as busy as ever I have been, but finally our company has its first family of standard products available. I am happy to introduce LS2G - a family of CMOS linescan image sensors.

LS2G - Linescan Image Sensor Family

LS2G is for now offered in 3 variants - 16K, 12K, and 6K pixel resolutions. Due to our inventive pixel arrangement strategy this sensor offers unprecedented line size flexibility. Due to another inventive step these sensors can well separate and sense IR and Visible in one package which allows for a cost-effective VIS-IR multispectral imaging. More about the chips can be read here.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this work, all hard-working colleagues and external partners. We have put so much of our own time and effort into this that it has to become a good product. Cheers!

Date:Tue Jun 18 01:47:04 EEST 2024


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