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About me:

Hello and welcome to my page!

My name is Deyan Levski and I am an electronics engineer [(scientist?) could engineering be called science? does any differentiation matter at all?] focusing in the field of IC design for light sensing. I am very deeply interested in various scientific and technical fields.

I hold an MSc degree in Systems on Chip from Linköping university, Sweden and a BSc degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Ruse, Bulgaria. From about mid 2012 to 2014 I was an analog designer with OmniVision, Norway, where I was developing analog and mixed-signal readout circuits for automotive CMOS image sensors.

Currently I am a PhD student with the University of Oxford, UK. I am most proficent in the design of high-speed column-parallel ADCs for image senors. In the time when I am not designing circuits, I try to wrap my head around nanophotonics and the relevant fields linked to light and high-energy photon-solid interactions.

If you wish to contact me, please feel free to use any of the links below (apart from English, I also grasp Bulgarian, Russian and Swedish)

Deyan Levski

e-mail: deyan.levski [ at ]

GitHub: deyan-levski

Twitter: @DeyanLevski

LinkedIn: Deyan Levski

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