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Photons hit Electrons - The other blog I write about electronics together with Desi

Zeptobars - Chip slaughtering i.e. the IC scientist's fun zone

Mixed-Signal Comments - Electronics sends mixed signals

absorptions - Oona's cryptographic idyllic spot

Gotsov's electronics world - Self explanatory, the electronics world of a friend Tsvetomir

Analog footsteps - IC design pioneer history

Avian's blog - Tomasz's electronics blog

Image Sensors World - News about the image sensor industry

bionerd23's YouTube channel - Want to know more about gamma rays??

The zeptobars monster - Mikhail Svarichevsky - The person behind Zeptobars

Matjaž Vidmar, S53MV - has amazing RF projects! - one of the first websites I discovered about electronics, listing it here as a memory.

Linköping University - you might find lots of resources in electronics on the pages of the university.

Technariumas - the hackerspace in Vilnus

Tobi Delbruck's homepage - where you discover the world of neuromorphic electronics, if you haven't already done so

The sensors group at INI Zurich - where you find some amazing projects

Compressive Sensing resources - compiled and hosted by the DSP group at Rice University

Toothpaste alligators - to spice-up your daily meal - you are entering Desi's territory here - Borislav Dakev's personal webpage

To Be Continued!


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