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6 great articles on the field of engineering science

I always feel heartfelt while reading great and sensuous short texts about the field of engineering. I am offering you a few beautiful, 1 to 3 minute reads on topics related to engineering science.

Where are today's engineering heroes?By failing to celebrate its finest contributors, the profession risks far more than mere obscurity. This enriching article puts on the spotlight those engineering heroes who are often forgotten but have by far contributed equally much to our field.

Illustration by Tavis Coburn, IEEE Spectrum

Naturally, you might then ask, What makes an engineering hero?, Stephen Harris has tried to shed some more light with a follow-up article, revealing some of our views on engineering achievements.

What would engineering be without its daily battles with complexity and trade-offs? Robert Lucky rubs salt into the wound with the headaches of Unsystematic engineering. But there should be a better handle to the control problem, how's that even happening?

Perhaps the problem lies in The ever-evolving field of electrical engineering. How exactly is electrical engineering defined nowadays? Is circuit design the only E-related early stage subject which all EEs take during their first year at university? Do you have any idea of what EEs actually do?

You think you do? But then, how about Engineers starting to think like field biologists?, Samuel Arbesman has some radical ideas for coping with complexity.

Finally, we all know that solving complexities is always accompanied by the birth of Great Thoughts, here Robert Lucky is stressing that great ideas accompany us in unusual times and places. So, always keep that pen and paper ready, you never know when would that bird land on your shoulder.

Hope these writings reach more people. Happy reading!

Date:Sat Jan 26 22:33:05 GMT 2017


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