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I recently participated in a T-shirt design contest organized by the solid-state circuits society. I just got an e-mail rejecting my entry as apparently another participant has won the contest. His design, compared to mine looks neat and clean. Congrats!

Nevertheless, now that the contest is over, let me introduce you to my design, and perhaps make SSCS angry about not following their strict copyright ownership rules. Apparently, by submitting your design you are automatically giving out all of your copyright to SSCS. Yeah, sure! :)

From the satellites information comes down!

Perhaps one of the most fascinating technologies empowered by solid-state devices is data communication and processing. I tried to express the peak of humanity, hehe "peak" (as well as IC design) with space technologies. My design entry contains an outline graphic of the Soyuz capsule, which is used for bringing in and out astronauts to the international space station (ISS) every 200 days. Keeping continents connected wouldn't have been possible without geostationary satellites. Similarly the ISS also relies on communication satellites, which is why my design also includes small satellite symbols surrounding the Soyuz capsule. All of that would not be possible without microchips, hence, the big chip with the SSCS logo at the center, linking the Earth and space.

Creating a hero of the IC designer is a rather hard and ambitious task, as solid-state technologies are so much embedded in today's life, that makes it hard for one to decide on the coolest application made possible by ICs.

Huge credit goes to my cousin (Queller 4) for giving a hand with the drawing.

Date:Sat Jan 14 10:54:30 GMT 2017


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