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Migrating to

Dear handful of science geeks! As the title suggests, I have finally decided to move on a separate domain. In fact, I should have done that six years ago when I started-up this page as a "joke", which was supposed to be a "just temporary" solution to hosting "stuff" online.

I am very happy to introduce you to although, I am still not extremely delighted with the name I picked some time ago, again as a "joke". But let's not care about names, as time goes I'm sure we'll start liking it better.

And also, please, stop me if I ever decide to start fiddling with these shell scripts and bodge work again! I should've migrated to Wordpress a long time ago, but ahh, you youngsters nowadays... This actually gave me the inspiration for another purely philosophical post on the incremental improvements in EDWARDS... let's see...

P.S. EDWARD = Engineer Doing Wildly Awkward and Recurring Drudge

Date:Sun Jun 13 16:03:13 CET 2016


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