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How many words do you know ending on tron?

Make yourself a cup of "coffeetron" warmed-up by the magnetron driven by the kenotron in your microwave oven powered and protected by cathodotron in your local power plant. Make yourself comfortable then search for any of these terms and have some fun:

synchrotron; magnetron; thyratron; klystron; klystron; kenotron; electron; neutron; iotatron; cyclotron; cosmotron; dynatron; betatron; audion; pliotron; mesotron; ignitron; strobotron; negatron; antineutron; tevatron; calutron; bevatron; positron...

The etymology of -tron endings come from Ancient Greek, where they have been used as a suffix denoting an instrument. How about the electron? Well, my digestion here is that it is an instrument in the end. Also note how many particle accelerator construction attempts mankind has made. The rest of the majority happens to be electronic tubes, cool! Let me know of your suggestions for expansion of the list? Happy physicsing!

Date:Sun May 22 15:39:45 CET 2016


Mr. Tron
13 Jun 2016, 13:04
Let's see if I can tron! Tron tron!
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