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Easing up the generation of these pages.

OK, I guess I am a bit old-fashioned, I am still keeping these pages in pure HTML and do not want to port them to blogspot, wordpress, etc... Except my stubbornness it might partly be that I find most of the blog templates quite "not-so-much-content-focused", instead these emphasize on shapes, colors and ads, rather than keeping information content as readable as possible (might not be the case with my HTML template though, but still...). One drawback of writing your pages in HTML is the difficulty to maintain a good content tracking and reduce the effort put into organizing these pages.

I am somewhat excited to be able to create and keep a good content management system which I hope will reduce my writing effort. In some hours of thinking, I have the skeleton of my system and decided to try it out, add a new (this) post, and see how it goes.

Date:Sun Mar 30 14:22:00 CEST 2014


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