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A SKILL script to check and save all

Have you ever had this irritating issue with multiple unsaved schematic diagrams lower in the hierarchy preventing you from netlisting? Well, now we have a solution. Just bind that function to a handy key and blow the whistle when in trouble :)

; Checks and saves all cells in a given library name,
; Initial version A - Deyan Levski, 19.08.2015

procedure( checkAndSave(libName)
        notSave = '()
        lib     = ddGetObj( libName )
        cellList = lib~>cells~>name
        foreach( cell cellList
                cellview = dbOpenCellViewByType( libName cell "schematic" "" "a" )
                if(cellview != nil then
                        notSave = append1(notSave cell)
        println("Cells not checked:")
        ) ; procedure

A hint: you can use " libName = geGetEditCellView()~>libName " to automatically fetch the library name you are currently in.

Date:Sun Mar 26 22:34:47 CET 2016

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