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Simple time logging in #!/bin/sh

Time tracking has always been an important measurement, especially for employers and supervisors. While starting with my doctorate studies I wrote a simple time logging script which I intended to use daily at the very beginning. There's tons of already written software for time tracking, management, optimization, boosting efficiency, creativity, spring daisies and so on... I wanted something extremely simple, Microsoft-Project-kind-of-software makes me sick. That's why I decided to get a basic mechanism, just like the old punch machines. Unfortunately, things changed a little bit and the need of using time tracking smeared-out... hmmm... really, there is no point in tracking time...

Anyway...So... --->>> Here... ---> | | <--- The script accepts two arguments:

First argument: either in or out

Second argument: a comment, let me give you an example. When I go to the lab I open a shell and write:

punch in Arrived early today, the neighbour's rooster woke me up at 6 a.m. ... I should cook a chicken soup rather soonish...

punch out Lunch!

punch in Let's get that charge pump pumping

punch out Sumo de laranja natural por favor :D


Alternatively you can also type "punch see" to get a list of your timestamps.

The command is called punch for historical reasons. I have simply added a symbolic link named punch in my /usr/bin folder which is pointing to the script. For the youngsters out there - have a look at punch clock ;)

Date:Sun Dec 05 18:56:14 CET 2015


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