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"Alchymia" in circuit design

I stumbled upon an interesting book - The Collected Papers of Lewis Fry Richardson. Richardson was an English scientist of "everything" - maths, physics, psychology, meteorology... actually a pioneer of modern day mathematical techniques of weather forecasting.

Now all that is great, but what got my attention is the following figure: (I hope reprinting figures from Richardson's papers from 1930s is not a severe copyright violation)

This all looks to me like some crazy alchemistry in circuit design. No matter how many times I tried to read this paragraph it all simply does not make any sense at all. It really is fascinating how great scientists in the past tried all sorts of crazy ideas (including the addition of an electric eel to an RLC circuit) to see "if something great would happen".

But wait, there is even more:

It all smells some deep alchemistry happenning around. But hey, if I can, why not?

Date:Tue Apr 19 14:07:40 CET 2015


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