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Inspiring 13-17 y.o. high school students to take the engineering path

I was recently invited to say some "inspiring" words to high school students in Varna (the largest sea port town in Bulgaria). The whole idea of the event was to provoke some thinking from the kids' side and act somehow as a career guide.

The moment I accepted the invitation, I knew that drawing their attention on electronics/microchips would be a very hard task. Being able to give clear explanations, especially about high-level (general) electrical engineering topics is an art that not every engineer can master. I brought some PCBs, demonstrated an FM radio transmission, gave some explanations about time clocks and where the clocks usually get their 1Hz reference from, demonstrated some applications of microcontrollers and their connection with internet, but somehow I felt that the kids were not inspired enough. Here are my pre-demo slides, hopefully someone can give me some criticism. No matter how much I like Latex, beamer seems to be a horribly boring solution for the current purporse.

How can one explain best what electrical engineering is about?

Date:Tue Sep 29 20:52:18 EEST 2014


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