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INL and CFPN image artifact estimation script.

A short function aiming to give a rough overview of INL and column mismatch effects on images in a column-parallel ADCs in CMOS Image Sensors. For now it works only with 8 bit images. Some bugs in the file read functions, not supporting all image formats could be existent.

Here are some examples of images with various INL and column mismatch:

Column mismatch 4 LSB

Column mismatch of 4 LSB.

Column mismatch 8 LSB

Column mismatch of 8 LSB.

An attempt to model randomly distributed INL was also made, however in practice ADC INL is correlated and will not necessarily be so random. Basically random INL would appear as random noise on the image. Anyway it is a good example of what would happen if theoretically we have randomly distributed INL.

A random uniform distributed INL (code vs INL in LSBs).

A random uniform distributed INL (code vs INL in LSBs).

Random INL +- 1 LSB.

Random INL +- 1 LSB.

Random INL +- 16 LSB.

Random INL +- 16 LSB.

You can try-out the script it is available here. It is also available at Matlab Central.

Date:Sun Mar 07 12:46:50 CEST 2014


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